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Mentoring women to find a

restorative path to freedom.

Take Heart Residential is a faith-based restorative program designed to support and uplift women overcoming the experience of sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, and sexual trauma. Our approach, rooted in compassion and community, offers a secure living environment, access to counseling, therapy, education, and the opportunity to build practical skills.

Aligned with our Five Pillars of Hope, we provide a 15-month tailored program where women work towards spiritual, educational, wellness, financial, and relational milestones. This program's duration, however, can be adjusted based on individual assessments and unique needs to ensure that each survivor's pathway to healing is optimally beneficial.

Our key emphasis is promoting healing and empowering personal growth, including spiritual support. We are committed to helping survivors reaffirm their innate worth and rediscover their purpose in life through God's love. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and supporters, all these resources are made available to our residents at no cost.

Our History

When Hope Center Indy co-founders Pastor Hubert and David Nolen began creating Hope Center Indy, they quickly learned of the local and international problem of human trafficking. At the time, there were less than 500 beds nationwide dedicated to survivors of trafficking.


They saw the struggles that survivors faced, and they knew they had to help. They began to research and explore different solutions. Eventually, they came up with the idea of a residential program where women survivors of trafficking could find hope, healing, and the support they needed to rebuild their lives. The co-founders were inspired by their faith in Jesus Christ, so our program is grounded in Christian values.


They knew this would be a challenging endeavor, but their faith in God and passion for helping others fueled their determination.


Pastor Hubert and David reached out to their communities, sharing their vision and gathering support from local churches, businesses, and volunteers. As word spread, more and more people joined their mission, offering their time, resources, and expertise to help make the Hope Center a reality.

After much prayer and hard work, the co-founders and team of dedicated staff and volunteers finally opened the program's doors, now called "Take Heart Residential."

Through Christ-centered and compassionate care, our program has served nearly 115 survivors from across the United States. 

Our Core Values

Take Heart's commitment to serve residents

Relentless Commitment

  • To Christ

  • To the world around us

  • To personal growth


To provide intentional leadership and serve residents with comprehensive care.


Kingdom Minded

  • Intentional unity

  • Integrating our community


To persevere as a team, celebrating differences while living in community.


Faith Builders

  • Prayer

  • Healing and transformation

  • Power of testimony


To cultivate an atmosphere of trust, authentic testimony, prayer, and renewal of the mind.


Joyful Servants

  • Selfless

  • Kind and considerate


To display contentment and peace regardless of life’s circumstances.


Quality That Inspires Hope

  • Excellence in all that we do

  • Good stewards of time, talents, and treasures


To boldly step in faith with worship, praise, and thanksgiving, showing God’s love.

Facility Amenities

Beautiful double bedrooms with private and semi-private bathrooms

Commercial kitchens and cafeteria

On-site Employment

Ample manicured lawns, outdoor garden, and Greenhouse

All basic needs for living met including meals, clothing, and hygiene products

Art Therapy Studio

Various Classrooms

Workout Room

Prayer Center

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